Activities for last three years

Activities for the last 3 years

Sai Nikethana Sevashrama: Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Center

2019-2020 :
 Number of residents increased from 76 in April 2019 to 84 in March 2020.
 Reunited 12 residents with their families after successful treatment and rehabilitation.
 Constructed a well-equipped kitchen, dining hall, office, and a physiotherapy ward during the year.
 Started a Goshala with 1 cow and her calf. The number of cows in the Goshala increased to 6 by the end of the year.
 Celebrated national and religious festivals along with programs such as Mother Theresa Birthday, World Mental Health Day, Senior Citizens’ Day.
 Residents started a vegetable farm in the Ashrama premises.

2020-2021 :

 Not a single resident was affected by COVID-19.
 Number of residents increased from 84 to 92.
 Reunited 6 residents with their families after treatment and rehabilitation.
 Number of cows and calves in the Goshala increased to 12.
 Distributed free medicines and food kits during the lockdown.
 Took up the responsibility of educating a poor engineering student for the entire duration of his 8 semesters.

2021-2022 :
 Reunited 31 residents with their families during the year.
 The total number of residents increased from 92 to 101.
 The cows in the Goshala increased from 12 to 20.
 Purchased an acre of land adjacent to the current campus to construct a separate campus for women.
 Started sewage water recycling unit and the recycled water is used for irrigating the vegetable farm and the gardens.
 Conducted a picnic to the beach for all the residents.
 Karnataka Bank Ltd donated an Ambulance to the Ashram.