Ongoing Project - Center For Women

There is a growing need to expand the services of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre at our campus. Due to apathy of children towards their parents and /or due to the inability of the elderly/ mentally ill people to take care of themselves, many have become homeless.

Our centre now houses both men and women in the same campus as a home over 100 residents. Many needy people come to us and request us for care and shelter.But due to our limited infrastructure and resources, we are compelled to restrict our services only to about 100. Separate campus for men and women with increased capacity is the need of the hour.

We have begun construction of a new facility in an acre of land Survey. no. 117/7pt 1, &117/7pt 3 of Kodlamogaru village, Manjeshwara Taluk. In this new facility, we will be able to serve 250 more people suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, and mental illnesses. Palliative care will also be provided.


 Provide shelter, food, and medication with love and care to around 250 destitute women.
 Help them reunite with their families.
 Care for people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's.
 Train the rehabilitated women and help them lead a self-sustained life.


 Establishing infrastructure which can accommodate 250 to 300 residents. A 4-storey building with living area, a multipurpose hall, recreation/treatment room, dining hall, kitchen, wash area, reading room with ambient outdoor spaces.
 The building will have a central courtyard for gatherings and physical activities.
 Recruiting a team of skilled staff to look after the residents.
 Mobilising resources through donations and sponsorships to run the programme.
 Reunite the rehabilitated residents with their lost families.


Estimate for the construction of 57500Sq.ft facility

Sl. No. Particulars Cost
1 Cost of 57500 Sq.h building at INR 2,000 per Sq.h Rs. 11,50,00,000/-
2 Furnishing and other finishing works Rs. 3,00,00,000/-
3 Landscaping and site development Rs. 1,30,00,000/-
4 Kitchen Equipments and Utensils Rs. 20,00,000/-
5 Cost of amenites such as cots, beds, bedsheets etc Rs. 30,00,000/-
6 Medical Equipments and amenities Rs. 20,00,000/-
  Total Rs. 16,50,00,000/-

First Phase of construction includes Ground Floor + First Floor and site development.

Sl. No. Description of work Amount
1 Earthwork Rs. 80,00,000/-
2 Plain Cement Concrete Rs. 13,73,800/-
3 RCC Work Rs. 2,77,00,000/-
4 Masonry Work Rs. 35,00,000/-
5 Plastering Work Rs. 55,00,100/-
6 Flooring Work Rs. 80,00,000/-
7 Doors And Windows Rs. 1,14,00,000/-
8 Painting Rs. 20,00,000/-
9 Site Development And Landscaping Rs. 1,30,00,000/-
10 Electrical And Plumbing Works Rs. 1,04,00,000/-
  Total Rs. 9,08,73,800/-

Details of Area

Sl. No. Particular's Area (in Sq. Ft)
1 Kitchen Store 493
2 Kitchen 1,427
3 Utility/Store 637.5
4 Admininstration 1,251.25
  Visitors Loungue 665
  Directors Room 123.625
  Office 210
  Toilet 44
5 Lift 67.5
6 Day Care Unit 391
7 Dormetry 496
8 3 Sharing Room 212.5
9 2 Sharing Room 182.3
10 Staircase 490
11 Ramp 792
12 Clrculatlon/Passage 2,372